Coaching Calls

Coaching Calls with Carol Whitaker

Coaching Calls

Coaching Calls

Are you stuck in an emotional rut? Do you feel unhappy, lack energy, want to lose weight and stop stress eating? Are you ready to be ridiculously happy? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

You can begin to experience life changes by taking control of your life-starting today! You can become “unstuck” and feel vibrant by scheduling a LivFit Transformation Coaching Call with Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Carol Whitaker.

You can overcome your emotional issues that are keeping you in a rut to become happier, healthier, more confident and fit! 

During your coaching call(s), Carol will help you release what has been holding you back to be able to shift at a core level so you can begin to live a life you long for. She will help you let go of limiting beliefs to become happier, more confident, and inspired to move forward and accomplish your dreams.

Stop delaying your happiness and wellness which you deserve, relief is just a phone call away. Contact us to schedule your personal one-on-one coaching call with Carol to reclaim your inner power today!


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30 Minute Call: $45 

45 Minute Call$75 Investment 

60 Minute Call: $95 Investment 

Discounted Rates: 

I believe EVERYONE who wants a Lifestyle Fitness Coach, regardless of their financial circumstances, should be able to benefit from having a coach. That’s why I’m happy to offer discounted coaching rates. 

I have had the privilege to coach people around the world and teach then how to transform their lives and bodies from the inside out. If  you would like to become come one of my successful clients and want to see the world reflect your dreams, email me personally at and tell me how much you can afford for a 30-minute session via by phone, Skype, or in person. I’ll gladly work within your budget and will help you unleash our power within to live your very best life. 

If you have a yearning to improve your life, then you need to honor yourself and follow your intuition — it’s your higher self, leading you in the direction needed to fulfill your destiny. You too, deserve to live the life of your dreams!

If you would like to take advantage of my discounted life coaching rates, please email us directly at  

Coaching Call Success Stories


Thank you so much for the wonderful conversation.  I always come away with so many wonderful new things to think about after we talk–I have 4 pages of notes from today’s conversation.  I look forward to talking with you next week, and in the meantime, I’ll work on the things we talked about.

You have such a gift.  I know we’ve talked about this before but I do hope you write all of your ideas and teachings down some day in book form.  You know so much that would be of great value to many people.”


“Carol Whitaker taught me how to love myself and accept myself for who I am. I lost over 100 lbs by following Carol’s LivFit plan. I am very pleased with my results! I highly recommend Carol to anyone who feels stuck and wants to live a happy, fulfilling life. I’m glad I finally invested in myself to become all that I wanted to be.”

~ Mandy C


“Hi dear Carol,

Thank you so much for our call today.  Once again, you were able to cut through all of the “stuff” and get right to the core of what was most important.  I truly feel, each time we talk, that you help me to see things with clarity and work through things so much more quickly than I would have otherwise.  You are such a special lady, and I’m lucky to have the privilege of working with you.  Thank you!!

Also, I have you tell you that I listened to your podcast and it was EXCELLENT. I can’t wait for more installments.  I now listen to it as my “workout motivation” at the gym…(: Love and blessings to you,”

~ Jenn K.

“Dear Carol,

I just wanted to thank you for our call this past Monday.  You caught me on a day that was particularly challenging, and your call came at the perfect time. Your words were exactly what I needed, and my week has gone so much better, because of that.  Thank you again for all you do.”  

~ J.G.K.

“Carol, I have had the BEST day ever! I sooo appreciate all you have done for me. Just want to say, thank you! I have had the most amazing feeling since we spoke. Am ready to tackle everything. My anxiety is gone and guess what the scale is down 2 pounds already! Love ya!!!”

~ Mrs. Coombs

You too can accomplish your dreams! Isn’t it time you invest in you?