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Ridiculously Happy!
The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams

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Ridiculously Happy!

Ready to live your very best life? Actually, the secret to becoming absolutely, ridiculously happy is already being conveyed to you every moment of every day. And, it’s coming right from within you. Now, life transformation coach Carol Whitaker can teach you how to tap into the positive potential of your physical and emotional well-being, and by doing so, achieve your lifelong dreams. 

Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life and Body of your Dreams is Whitaker’s groundbreaking, step-by-step approach to changing the course of your life. By empowering you to claim your God-given birthright to have a meaningful, blissful existence, the author encourages you to simply embrace your own unique magnificence to manifest dreams. 

Placing equal emphasis on both mental and physical positive energy, this comprehensive book shares strategies to harness the power of the Law of Attraction. By letting go of negative energy and thinking intentionally about the way you live your life, you will not only set yourself on a road to vitality, abundance, and deep satisfaction, but you will become your own cheerleader to stay the course. If you believe you can be ridiculously happy, Carol Whitaker’s illuminating, actionable book will show you the way.

Ridiculously Happy! Rave Reviews:

“If you’re ready to embrace your unique magnificence, reclaim your personal power, and optimize your health, read this book!! Carol Whitaker reminds us that it is our birthright to experience overall vitality and well being. She shares first-hand awareness of how she achieved this state of radiant health, harmony and happiness and walks beside you providing life changing tools, tips and insights as you go on a magical journey of self-discovery and expansion. This book holds the power to transform your life, from the inside-out!”
~ Cari Murphy, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Media Host and Soul Success Coach

“I have waited literally all my life for this book…searched the nooks/crannies of life, book shops and online words of light knowing these words existed and prayed someone would write them out. Carol, a true wise woman warrior for good has written what I believe is the sacred recipe for all women to discover their authentic divine self and remarkable spirit. Her words are now written on my heart as hieroglyphs that I can return to often to develop and cultivate within myself. It is a book written for women and for men who wish to truly know the heart of a women.”
~ Mary Michelle Scott, President of Fishbowl Inventory

“Ridiculously Happy! is absolutely astounding and endearing!  Exceptionally inspiring and encouraging while providing methods and thoughts to energize or revitalize your journey, no matter what season of life you’re in. 

I recommend this empowering and enlightening book to anyone who wants to discover or refresh the blissful essence life can bring by your intentions to live in contentment and fabulous fulfillment!”
~ Michele Plunkett 

“Love yourself, change your mindset and the rest of life falls into place! Sounds simple enough but not always our reality. Ridiculously Happy! is a must-read if you’ve tried to make changes in your life but haven’t been able to stick to it and if self-love and a positive mindset have eluded you in the past. Carol Whitaker is living proof that we are powerful beyond belief and can change adversity and affliction by loving ourselves and being intentional about changing how we perceive our world and what “happens” to us. She is such an inspiration and shares her experiences, making it simple to understand, apply and even share the practical tools in the book with others. Carol Whitaker story is one of triumph, you can’t help but feel the power, motivation and inspiration to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make in your life. This is certainly a book you will read from cover to cover, more than once.”

~ Sabrina Risley, CEO & Founder, Certus Professional Network

“Carol Whitaker is one of my faves! Carol always writes in a way that is both nurturing AND empowering, gentle but strong! This is a fantastic, easy to understand guide book for living your best life yet. It’s packed with practical tools that you can start using right away and the language of it is so refreshing, as it feels like a conversation with a friend! The best part is that Carol understands that life is dynamic and that we each have many types of goals and dreams. The book speaks to all of the areas that so many of us strive to transform in our lives. It’s a great, quick read!”

~ Gina Hussar, Spiritual Success Coach

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