Co-Author to I Am A Brilliant Woman

I AM a Brilliant Woman: Stories of women who have journeyed beyond the familiar and embraced their gifts.brilliantwoman_3

You are not your limiting beliefs. You are a BRILLIANT WOMAN! It is time for all women to value themselves and stand tall in the aura of self-worth, self-respect and declare out loud – I AM a Brilliant Woman! This book was written to remind you of how incredible you are no matter what you have been through. You are a beautiful soul. You were born brilliant. This book showcases ten incredible women who share some of the most private, hurtful, and damaging experiences in their lives and the journey they took to embracing their own brilliance. Stories of overcoming profound loss, to being incarcerated, to helping the homeless and making a difference, from rags to riches and stories of motherhood that will touch the heart in all of us. It takes real courage to go public with one’s account of hitting the bottom, where trust and faith are shattered. This book shares an important truth that when we hit the bottom, the most profound transformation can take root – a wake up call to remember who we truly are.

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Believe and embrace that YOU are a BRILLIANT WOMAN! 

Carol xo