to Sculpt the Body of Your Dreams

 If you want to transform your physique then you need to feed your body the building blocks it requires to become the hard body you’re striving for. One of the most important aspects of living a LivFit Lifestyle is proper nutrition. 


Carol Whitaker

You can work out each day and have little results if you’re not feeding your body what it requires to build and keep up muscles mass. If you’re ready to get it the best shape of your life then you need to take your diet seriously! Leave all your useless excuses behind, limiting thoughts only gives your power away, who wants that? I sure don’t! If you want to be thin and fit then you have to make living a fit lifestyle a top priority in your life.

 Amino acids are one the most important aspects of any fitness enthusiasts diet, that’s why protein is a must to transform and sculpt you body into a lean, sexy machine. Just as a high-end race car requires racing fuel to perform optimally, like wise, our body requires eating a clean diet free of processed foods, sugar, dairy, sodium and bad fats. YOU are deserving to have all your dreams come true, including having a kick-butt body! 

A bodybuilder’s or fitness guru’s diet foundation is amino acids.  Amino acids or otherwise known as Branch Chain Amino Acids or BCAA’s can be purchases as a supplement in addition to eating a protein rich diet. Amino acids are the foundation of protein and lean muscle tissue so if you want a lean physique then you have to eat a diet full of amino acids. Amino acids play a huge roll in achieving body transformation.

People often come to me and complain that they work out all the time but aren’t seeing the change they were want, when I ask them what their diet consist of protein is low on their priority list. It’s no wonder they aren’t seeing the results they want it’s because they’re not feeding their body the building blocks it needs for their body to change

 There are lots of amino acids supplements to choose from which can seem overwhelming. Below is a link to’s (the worlds largest bodybuilding site) list of highest rated amino acid supplements on the market by user reviews.

 Always read the labels to see which supplement fits your needs best. I for one take a BCAAs supplement daily in my water with Green2oto ensure my body is able to function optimally. I’m not a fan of high sodium so I always check for the sodium content before making a selection.  (to learn about Green20 visit )

Eating protein with every meal and snack and taking amino acid supplements between meals is the essential to transform your physique. Amino acids plays an active roll in hormones, brainwaves, muscle recovery and increased strength in addition to weight loss.

Below is an excellent article that goes in depth of the importance of amino acids. If you really want to change your physique then make protein a high priority in your diet. Aim to eat at least 20 to 30 grams of protein with each meal and snack to fuel your hard worked muscles adequately. 


Make eating a clean diet with plenty of amino acids a top priority in your life to enable you to create the body of your dreams. If your going to spend hours in the gym make it worth your while by eating clean.


It takes time to transform your body so be patient and don’t give up. The more consistent you are the sooner you will see your hard work paying off. 


Make training and eating fun! Have a positive attitude as you go about your day and think of eating clean as fueling your body with what it requires and craves. YOU deserve to have a fit, lean body. So take your diet seriously and make eating clean a top priority in your life.  Set goals and read them daily to help you stay laser focused on your goals. 


Eat a diet rich in protein, fresh veggies, complex carbs and good fats daily. In addition to take amino acid supplements to ensure your muscles are getting the extra nutrients it requires to build and maintain beautiful muscles along with burning fat to enable you to reach your fitness goals faster and with less effort. Enjoy your fitness journey each step of the way!

~ Carol Whitaker

Lifestyle Fitness Coach