6 Tips to Shed Weight Fast

fit-women6 Tips to Shed Pounds Fast

If you want to shed a few pound then you’re in luck, below are tips to do just that. 

 Portion control is essential to master for a health and wellness. I’m often asked what to eat to lose weight and build muscle, my answer is always the same, to eat a small balanced meal every three hours to jump start the metabolism and balance blood sugar levels. Eating a small meal is just that – smaller portions. 
Often times people go all day snacking without eating a nutritious meal consisting of lean protein, complex carbohydrate and veggies. By the end of the day when they get home from work they’re ravenous and end up eating the entire pantry filled with sugars, preservatives and sodium. Before they know it an hour of overindulging goes by then soon after painful bloating and indigestion kicks in. 
The body can only utilize and digest a certain amount of calories in one meal which is between 300 – 500 calories (depending on size and mass) then stores the rest as unwanted fat! That over stuffed feeling isn’t only uncomfortable but its also a culprit of weight gain.
Less is Best
Did you know the body actually prefers less food?  There’s a reason why you feel lethargic and heavy after consuming too many calories in one meal its your body telling you it was overloaded with too many calories, sugars, salts and fats at one time.
The best way to know how much food is enough is to eat until you feel satisfied or until you’re almost full. If you feel you could eat a bit more, stop eating! That feeling is your “red light” signal to push your plate aside. If you have food left on your plate, congratulations! You’re well on your way to living a longer, healthier life and that will lead to permanent weight loss success.
By eating every few hours your body will utilize the needed calories for energy (if you eat clean) and will go into muscle building and fat burning mode as it digests the needed nutrients to build a lean physique. You’ll begin to feel happier and lighter. You’ll have more energy and higher self-confidence because you’ve taken control of your eating habits by incorporating portion control. It’s a great feeling!
Tips to Shed Pounds Fast 
  •  Eat Often. To avoid overeating eat every 3 hours using portion control. A general rule of thumb is to go by the “palm” of your hand as a guideline for a portion size for meats and complex carbohydrates. You can eat all the fresh, raw veggies you want during the day.
  • Practice Portion Control. It has been scientifically proven that the body prefers smaller meals; eating less will increase longevity, health and wellness. Try not to snack between meals. The first two hours the body digests and utilizes the energy and the third hour it goes into fat burning mode. A diet tip that helps is to use smaller salad plates rather than a dinner plate in the beginning. Visually the plate will look full so you won’t feel deprived and you’ll feel more satisfied emotionally.
  • Keep Track of What Your Eat. A helpful tool to incorporate portion control is to keep a daily log/journal of your meals. By writing down everything you eat throughout the day you will think twice about what you put in your mouth because you won’t want to write it down. Keeping track of what foods you eat will also help you know how many calories you’re eating daily. Logging your meals is an excellent way to keep track of your success. 
  • Drink Up! Drink at least 80 oz of purified water daily, carry water bottles with you in your car and at work. Toxins will be carried out of the body; it will raise your metabolic rate and keep hunger pangs at bay.
  •  Eat Dinner Early.  Aim to have your last meal of the day by 7 pm – consider the kitchen closed after that.  If you get hungry have a big glass of water or a casein protein drink, a slow digesting protein, before bed to build and sustain muscle growth through the night.
  • Weigh Yourself Weekly. Keeping track of your weight will help you think twice what you eat and how much you eat at any given meal. Weigh yourself daily or once weekly to keep yourself in check with your weight. The scale is a great tool to use to help keep you at your ideal bodyweight.
  • Exercise Regularly. If you don’t exercise on a regular basis you won’t be able to shed pounds fast. Exercise is essential to achieve a healthy body and to live a fit lifestyle. Make it a point to workout at least 3 to 6 days a week by incorporating cardiovascular and weight lifting into your fitness regimen. 
By incorporating these simple tips you will be able to accomplish your weight goals and maintain your ideal body weight fast. In addition living a healthy lifestyle requires having a positive mindset and gratitude for your awesome body. So have fun eating healthy, exercising regularly and having a positive attitude and you will surely be at your ideal bodyweight before you know it!